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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a scary start to the first race of the america's cup challenger finals in san francisco bay. one boat stalls on racecourse and another into the water. >> i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> two sailors thrown into san francisco bay after their catamaran nose-dived at 46 miles per hour. bringing back memories of another america's cup accident
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that killed a cure member. jade hernandez live in san francisco. >> reporter: heather, today's race was supposed to be about the speed and skill of 72' catamarans on the bay, but instead it was about two teams trying to survive. both teams racing in the louis vuitton final cups struggled on the water. emirate's team new zealand was caught in a sharp turn, throwing two crew members overboard. >> all of a sudden it crashes. >> i was more worried about the people who fell over. both men pulled to safety only suffered bumps and bruises. >> it was quite a welcome to america's cup. >> reporter: these spectators weren't expecting the dramatic excitement. >> the safety boats had them scooped up within less than a minute. so just gave me a real impress how dangerous that collision itself was. >> reporter: the 25-minute race proved too much for the italian team luna
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rossa challenge, which struggled with equipment issues forcing them to with draw after crossing the starting line. regatta director says today's wind wasn't at its worse. >> predicting with a combination of the outgoing tide, the ebb tide, of two knots and 20 knot plus winds that we would reach the limit set in the safety protocol for this event. >> reporter: the limit under 23 miles per hour were the reason that the races were delayed, bothering life-long sailor berkowitz. after an accident in nascar, he said if racers can't use the bay for what it offers, wind, there is a problem. >> the venue is phenomenal, but now to say that we have to limit the wind not to let san francisco do what it's supposed to do is not really taking advantage of san francisco bay. >> reporter: today's second race was
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postponed. tomorrow spectators can catch the second anded their race and race four will be held on monday. the winner of the series will go on to the america's cup in september. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the rough summer for america's cup. british sailor andrew simpson died may 9th during training. his team artemis returned for trials. other boats have been damaged, including one owned by the defending champion, oracle usa. and with that, a piece of bay area history became history. as warren hall at cal state east bay was reduced to rubble today in near seconds. the bay area landmark was imploded today because it was seismically unsafe, but for scientists it serveds a learning lesson. patti lee in hayward with how the end of an era might shed new light on earthquakes.
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>> reporter: 400 pounds of explosives, with the assist of gravity, leveled this bay area landmark. ed implosion became a spectacle. >> i cried when i seen it. >> reporter: about a thousand people watched from a nearby parking lot. >> well, kind of like a bomb went off and it came down to gracefully. >> reporter: guests of cal state east bay enjoyed a vip vantage point. >> it's only landmark i actually recognize. >> reporter: but for others the implosion's entertainment value quickly turned terrifying. >> i am looking at it on tv and this was rocking back and forth. >> reporter:
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geologists set up 600 seismic sensors across the east bay, the record ofs are will help determine what will happen during an actual quake. >> how it looks in the fault zone versus in the hills here, versus in the valley. >> reporter: the results window be ready for months until then there is still a lot to look at above ground. a cal state spokesperson says crews will start removing this wreckage tomorrow and in the fall they will sell small pieces of concrete at campus bookstore as memorabilia. in hayward, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on warren hall, the 13-story building known as the tower was a fixture at cal state east bay since 1971. during the past few years it has been empty. destruction was assured after it was declared the most seismically unsafe building in the system. >> if you remember, the last implosion was two years. oakland's naval hospital came down with a bang and in just a
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matter of seconds the 11-story building was built during world war ii and closed in 1996. it took 800 pounds of dynamite to bring that building down. for more on today's implosion in hayward, include a replay of the demolition, go to and click on the images tab. the victim of an implosion police mishap may be able to walk again. implosion in bakersfield earlier this month slashed the legs of 4-year-old jerry woods when schrapnel threw out. woods is in intensive care after extensive virg with more surgeries planned. his attorney says they are hopeful woods may regain the use of one or both legs. state authorities are investigating the implosion of the old plant owned by pg&e. new details on man shot and wounded by a chp officer in orinda yesterday's afternoon. he has been identified tonight as 32-year-old david al cairo
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of concord. around 4:00 yesterday the chp says an officer spotted him driving a car that matched the description of a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run. that accident injured a motorcyclist. investigators say when they stopped the man, he approached the officer in an agressive manner and that is when the officer fear for his life opened fire. in oakland police say four people were shot and wounded, one of them critically after witness a man burglarize a car. witnesses tell ktvu that the vehicle was burglarized countdown and at least one shooting victim went off the burglar was able to get back the items, but within minutes of that, the person recurred and opened fire on the four. they have not release nid suspect information. >> and that shooting follows another in east oakland where four people were shot at a party leaving two people dead. ktvu's noelle walker reports oakland police are looking for
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a suspect or suspects as police renew neighborhood efforts to tackle gun violence. >> reporter: these are the remnants of a party turned violent. crime scene tape on the fence and rubber gloves mark the place where four people were shot friday night on 105th avenue in oakland. east oakland is a place where ambulance sirens flashing lights and crime scenes are common. but people talking about what they see is not. one man who didn't want to go on-camera told me he heard the gunshots, walked outside and saw the carnage in the streets. man told me he recently moved one block away and said this is night and that was day. over there he could only hear the shootings. now he sees them. >> addressing violent crime is my top priority. >> reporter: on thursday, oakland's police chief announced a revival of operation cease-fire.
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this was part of a police cease- fire crackdown. obthursday the program's interim director says east side is the primary estimation focus of operation cease-fire. >> the goal is really to interrupt violence and more specifically shoots and homicides. >> reporter: this woman told her her familiar was one of the people shot last night. operation cease-fire didn't prevent the violence that happened in the shadow of a school and buddhist center where we could hear cloaked worshippers chanting. a bit of serenity in a place that could use sh. the bay area is about to lose the bay bridge for more than five days. crews worked to open the span on the day after labor day as well as connecting it to the rest of the bridge and starting to demolish the obsolete span. the bridge will shut down 8:00
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p.m. wednesday, august 28m and re- open tuesday, september 3rd. drivers are encouraged to use alternative bridges, such as the richmond-san rafael, san mateoo and dumbarton to close the bay. bart will offer limited round- the-clock service at various stations during the closure and ferry service will also be expanded. a wildfire in the tahoe national forest has now grown to almost 12,000 acres. today marks a week since the american fire broke out and it's only 45% contained. there is concern that high winds will cause the fire to spread quickly the fortunately though no homes are threatened. thick smoke though from the fire has now spread for the lake tahoe area. speaking out, what the san diego county receiver had to say about kidnapped victim hannah anderson. >> the volatile standoff in egypt continues. >> it was called operation
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orange finishers and how police in seattle helped to spread the message about state's new marijuana laws. [ man ] she yours?
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yeah. my first. congratulations. your applewood pulled pork with extra pickles sir. [ male announcer ] new subway applewood pulled pork. the sweet and smoky flavor you love. subway. eat fresh. [ camera shutter snaps ] . that was the implosion of warren hall in slow motion and reality it took about five seconds to bring the entire 13- story building down. well, despite new evidence of contact between hannah anderson to her alleged
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kidnapper the san diego county sheriff maintains the teenager was strictly a victim. hannah avoided cameras as she attended a fundraises he to help pay for the funerals of her mother and brother. new evidence shows her and james dimaggio were in frequent contact before they disappeared. had he swazfound safe in idaho last week and dimaggio was shot to death by fbi agents. a flu bill in sacramento would give inmates a second chance for crimes committed as youths. the bill by berkeley senator loni hancock would require the parole board to consider the lesser ability of teenagers to control their impulsesle for example inmates who committed manslaughter would be eligible for parole after 15 years unless officials consider them a threat to public safety. about 5700 inmates in california are serving final for crimes commit adjuveniles. continuing coverage on the
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crisis in egypt. video now the clashes and gunfire that continue on the streets cairo. tonight egypt's cabinet says it will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the deepening crisis by some estimates a thousand people have died since wednesday. and today soldiers opened fire on a mosque, where supporters of the muslim brotherhood and ousts president mohamed morsi sought shelter. the sound of gunfire replaced the call for prayer from the mosque in cairo. hundreds of supporters are holed up in inside and where they sought shelter yesterday. as the protest dubbed the day of rage raged on all-around them. inside the mosque came the injured and the dead, lined up waiting to be claimed by their loved ones. >> calling for the execution of the murderers. run woman claiming to be inside
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the mosque spoke to report by phoning saying that no one is safe and that security forces were shooting into the place of worship and then police moved in. scores were arrested and detained. pro-morsi supporters remained defiant, take to the streets today, again facing bullets. the government is now threatening to limit the muslim brotherhood, which backs ousted president morsi deeming it as a terrorist organization. >> we will combat extremism and we will combat terrorism and today high-level ejip egypt shan sources say the brother of the leader of al-qaeda was arrested in cairo. inside hospitals the sound of women mourning their dead, the death toll murky, like so many details lost in the fog of
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violence. and president obama has ordered his national security team to assess the situation in egypt. the u.s. gives egypt $1.5 billion in aid each year. $1.3 billion of thats to go to the military. the recent u.s. supreme court ruling paving the way for same-sex marriage in california added extra joy to the 38th annual san josi pride festival. entertainment on stage featured tribes to rocky horror and soul diva tina turner. along with music, food and crafts, the festival offered a mattery monial grove where couples would marry the festival continues tomorrow. >> 20 states now recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions, but when a couple splits up it's possible that they will have trouble getting a divorce if one of them moves. >> it's a state-by-state basis, and so that is why it
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becomes very complicated for same-sex couples, because once they do cross into another jurisdiction their status to each other can change. >> colorado resident julie yim had to wait until that state recognized her civil union before she could legally split perfect her partner. she married in massachusetts in 2009. yahoo!'s chief executive officer marissa mayer is gracing the pages investigate magazine, posing for an article about her career, faction and family life. it's mayers asecond profile many investigate. in 2009 she was in the magazine while working at google. the new issue hits newsstands next week. it's called operation orange fingers, cops handing out bags of doritos at the seattle hempfest, labeled with the message outlibing the do
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and don'ts of new marijuana law. it legalizes possession of up to an ounce of pot by adult over 21. as many as 85,000 people a day are expected that the three-day event. the tourist attraction known as the skunk train returned to full operation. the line in mendocino county has been limited of a of a tunnel near fort bragg collapsed. thanks to generous community donations the train was fixed. it's considered an engine for the area economy. well, first civil claim against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is settled. >> coming up first, new details being investigated into the death of princess diana and the reason why scotland yard is taking a second lost and the twist on nutella chocolate spread. and in weather a lot of high clouds moving through parts of bay area earlier today, coming up the temperature jump you can expect
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for your sunday and when thunderstorm chances will be added to the forecast?
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. all right take a look at this. pretty cool huff? it's implosion of warren hall only until reverse. take a few seconds for it to come down and took a few secs for us to rerack the video and bring it back up. scotland yard says it's assessing new information it recently received about the 1997 dame of princess diana and her boyfriend dodi fayed. a family of a soldier says that he boosted that the elilt commando was behind the death.
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in news of the world tonight in afghanistan ten people killed in an attack on an construction site were transported in the back of a truck today. a development projects are frequently targeted by insurgents. in pakistan heavy rains and floods have destroyed thousands of homes. pakistan regularly suffers from flooding during the monsoon season that usually runs through july and august. >> in canada, police say they found 40 pythons in an ontario motel room, where five young children were staying with their parents. the snakes were owned by family that recently been evicted from their home. earlier this month, a 4-year- old and a 6-year-old were killed by an african python, a
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much larger shake while the two brothers were sleeping at a home at of a friend in news brunswick jerry sandusky is specific up to 60 years in prison follow his conviction of child sexual abuse. victim no. 5 received an undisclosed amount of money, he was assaulted by the coach after the university knew of reports that saunder had attacked a boy in a campus shower. 25 more settles are expand in the next few days from a south bay marijuana dispensary is getting atense from foodies for its spiking of a classic dessert spread. organic care is behind creation of nug tell youa, a mix of harb oil and the famous chocolate spread. it contains thc, the active ingredient in spot. interesting timing the official nutella cookbook is due to come out shortly. it's not all in our heads and
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reason why women have more headache than men. first fires raged throughout the west. a popular resort towns under evacuation or as crews try to tackle the flames. we're going to tell you about some ground breaking developments against the fight against alzheimers and how your eyes may hold the key to an early diagnose.
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. dry conditions in the west are feeding the flames of massive wildfires. the patch spring fires in utah has destroyed ten homes and consumed 50 square miles, but nation as worse fire is in south idaho, where flames are burned through the sawtooth national forest and are on their way to resort towns. 2300 homes have been evacuated tonight in the popular resort
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areas of haleey and ketchum. aliant strike ignited the beaver creek fire ten days ago and it's burned 145 square miles. >> for many all they can do is hope that the flames somehow miss their house. our eric fink reports are tonight the community of hailey braces for potential evacuations. some homeowners have already done, so fearing the worst, as they beaver creek fire continues to rage, torching 90,000 plus acres, containment still sits at 6 & %. flames close in on hailey, as the smoke saturates the air. this couple's home is right behind this ridge. >> it's coming down the mountainside right there. now it's just kind of wait and see what happens. you can't control. >> reporter: sitting and sip a beer, taking some of the edge off and mark worries if the weather doesn't take a turn for the better it
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could be days full uncertainty. >> this one being closer to home than anything of you would like in this region, but i think we'll remain in that danger until the fall moisture shows up and the snow arrives. >> reporter: on friday they packed up to go to france, taking just a smarterring of belongings. >> pictures, computers things that you do back up, material things, such as furniture and everything else, our pets are safe. we are safe. valuables, and irreplaceables are safe. everything else is replaceable. >> reporter: now this entire community yearns for help from mother nature. >> well, that was eric fink reporting. the resort area is a popular spot for movie-star getaways with homes owned by arnold schwarzenegger, tom hanks and bruce willis y. recent cuts to fire services in contra costa county are set to be addressed at monday in pittsburg and a second on tuesday in lafayette and a
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third meeting on wednesday in clayton. all cities have been affected by reduced fire service because of budget cuts. consultants analyzed fire services in the county and plan to give their feedback at those meetings. >> san francisco's bomb squad rushed to city's mission district after a man was caught with a hand grenade. bomb squad was called in this morning to investigate. mission streets between 18m and 19th streets were close down for nearly two hours. the officers recovered a hand grenade that was later found to be inactive. and arrested an unidentified man. a surf shop-owner from santa cruz is in jail, accused luring young you girls into his business and videotaping them in dressing rooms without their knowledge. 38-year-old dylan greiner is being held on $500,000 bail. he operates the santa cruz surf school and was involve in a clean up of cowell beach and
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ktvu interviewed greene earlier this year with those efforts. detectives believe there are more victims in the santa cruz area. environmental groups oppose a new federal plan to poison non-native mice that have invaded the farrellone all right. the u.s. fish and wildlife service says after looking at nearly 50 alternatives the only one that seems plausible is to use poisoned food pellets. the feds want to use a powerful pesticide that would lack five weeks before dissipating. mice are considered harmful to the environmentally sensitive lands. a public meeting will be held later in the month in san francisco. hundreds of sciencists, elected elf os and environmentalists have set to gather monday for the 17th annual tahoe summit. former vice president al gore will give the keynote for the event. researchers believe they have made a groundbreaking
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development in the fight against alzheimer's. it's an eye test that tracks protein changes when they say will help identify the disease a decade before symptoms appear. one tell-tale sign of alzheimers is a billed up of a sticky plaque called beta amyloid inside the brain and can start to develop in eye tissues. >> new research shows that more women than men get headache and the pain is offer worse. researchers found 7% of women suffered headaches. 62% of men had the same response. when it came to migraines, 20% of women said they had one, compared to 15% of men. researchers say the reason women are more susceptible to headaches is the pressure to diet and menopause.
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hundreds of people including myself and my little girl ran - we walked around lake merritt for the 9th annual fundraiser, helping uni insured and underinsured treatment. faith fancher was diagnosed and documented her battle with breast cancer on the air until her death in 2003. if you would like to donate, be sure to go to ktvu and click on "web links." . hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies are being given away in richmond just in time for the start of the school year. it's all part of a back to school carnival, hosted by the richmond police activities league. more than 700 backpacks will be given away during the four-day event at hilltop mall, which also includes music, food and rides. it was a similar scene across the bay in san francisco, more than 3,000 children and their families gathered at youngblood coleman park for theth annual back to
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school celebration. students from kindergarten through 12th grade were given free backpacks stuffed with school suplers. the event is put on the public defenders office and bay area magic. the 5th annual san francisco street food festival. >> and thousands of foodies flocked to the city's mission district for the event. almost 100 vendors set up shop on folsom street. >> a lot of good-looking food. i haven't dove in yet, but i'm going to get to it soon. >> the event say fundraise for the local non-profit la cocina, who offers kitchen space for low-income chef to run their own mobile food stabbeds. >> we're following breaking news out of oakland, where police are on the scene of a double sheeting. we have a crew on the way. plus she is telling and what is not and what they are saying about the star's possible return to "american idol." warmer weather is in the forecast, but so is stormy
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weather. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when we can expect thunderstorms. >> a remainder you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. downtown loadt ktvu app and click the live icon and watch our newscasts live. you can be connected anytime, anywhere. e professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business... a new job, at a great company... that's the graduation present i want. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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find your career success in the bay area. . there it is, warren hall at cal state east bay cascading tot ground. you saw it there from three different angles. the 13-story building was deemed the most seismically unsafe building in the university system. researchers using the
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implosion, which mimics an earthquake to study the hayward fault. bay area air quality officials have declared tomorrow a spare-the-air day. bay area air quality management district is asking residents to take public transportation and put off barbecuing and put off yard equipment. inland temperatures are expected to spike and emissions are expected to create unhealthy air quality. tomorrow will be the fifth spare-the-air day of the summer. >> there are certainly changes in air. meteorologist mark tamayo here to tell us about the possible of thunderstorms. >> as we watch out for that we have the warmer temperatures to talk about as well, with a layer of warm air setting up that will trap the pollutants closer to the surface and as a result we have a spare-the-air day set for tomorrow. temperatures coastside 60 and lots of 80s around 70s. lots of high cloud cover moving
10:38 pm
into the region. you see some green showing up on the radar locally. most of that really motreaching the grouped, but a lot of high cloud cove and right now partly cloudy skies, in addition, to the fog regrouping coved side. 66 in santa rosa and we're talking about all the high cloud cover. this was the time-lapse this afternoon, 2:00 looking out to the bay bridge. you get on idea with the cloud cover moving from the south and to the north. this has broken up a bit, but we still have a few high clouds paying us a visit right now. overnight lows in the 50s to lower 60s, partly cloudy skies and areas of dense fog, coastside and around the bay to start out your sunday morning. a lot happening here. we have aparea of low pressure and high pressure to the east and this boyds in tomorrow. in fact, temperatures inland on track to reach the mid to upper 90s. flirting with 100 degrees.
10:39 pm
so warming especially away from the coastline, still some patchy fog to start out the day for the beaches. this area of low pressure will set up a southerly flow and that will transport more moisture into the bay area. with that partly cloudy skies and the chance a few isolated thunderstorms for monday and as early as tomorrow night into monday, tuesday and wednesday. here is our forecast model. put this into motion. here is the fog coast side and into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies. monday a little bit more activity, so this warrant a chance of an isolated thunderstorm and then into tuesday, the bulk of action lifts to the north. with the potential for lightning strikes that could produce a fire, fire weather watch kicks in sunday night into tuesday night. this is a possibility it could be extended into wednesday. so fire danger always a concern this time of year, but when you
10:40 pm
add lightning to the mix, a real big concern. santa rosa 93 degrees tomorrow. a couple of triple-digits out towards vacaville. upper 70s to 80s and warmest locations back into the low to mid-90s out. there san josi 86 and morgan hill, 96 degrees and gilroy, 95. these numbers easily a good 5- 10 degrees warmer than today's highs. you will notice that change away from the shoreline. eastern san francisco starting out with patchy fog and 72 in the afternoon. still mainly in the 60s near the immediate coastline. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with the weekend always in view. there is the temperature spike for your sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday, cooling trend continues into tuesday and wednesday and partly sunny skies into thursday. heather and ken, by this time tomorrow we'll keep a close eye on the radar and we might see
10:41 pm
the first development of thunderstorms approaching the bay area and fire crews doing same thing. >> the most significant thing about the storms is the lightning. >> yes, and this time of year it's extremely dry out there. so the combination is not good news for us. >> all right, thank you, mark. we also want to actually go ahead. >> no official word, but jennifer lopez's bedford says the star is returning to "american idol." lopez has neither confirmed or denied the report and fox isn't talking, but when a reporter asked her boyfriend if the singer/actress was returning otshow, she simply said yes. lopez served as a judge in 2011 and 2012. a monster honor in the giant's game. the a's go for their third straight begin. sportswrap is next.
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. the toyota sportswrap, brought to you by your local
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toyota dealer, toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. the oakland a's could retake ownership of the first place with a win over cleveland and a win by seattle over texas tonight. instead the worst-case scenario happened. it was yoenis cespedes bobble head night. former oakland fan-favorite swisher never got a bobble head doll, but takes this out for a solo home run on straily. a's had more greatest defensive plays. redick makes the catch and to 3rd to get stubbs. that a great double play.
10:45 pm
rediac is a gold en glove winner. a's work a run in the 6th and danielson scores redick to make it 3-1, but that was the a's first of three hits in the game and only run tonight. let's dazzle you with some more defense. carlos santana think he has a single, but to the rescue -- at least cleveland is fighting for a playoff spot themselves. indians win 7-1 and oakland trails texas by a game and a half. that is because king felix and the seattle marinerses got sent to cellblock tonight.

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